For any transportation changes, please fill out this Google Form each day BEFORE 1:30 PM. If any change requests need to be made after 1:30 PM, you must call the school at 397-1600.

Car Riders

Parents who bring or pick up students by car should observe all traffic signs and rules given by the school.

  1. Do not let children out or pick them up in the parking area as that forces them to cross the lane of traffic unless you are accompanying them on foot.

  2. All car rider students will enter the building through the main office beginning at 7:20am. The side exit doors will be locked for security reasons. Students arriving after 7:55 will need to get a tardy slip.

  3. Teachers will be on duty on the sidewalks when school is dismissed.

  4. Please follow the teachers' instructions if requested to do so.

  5. Only buses, delivery trucks and daycare vans are to enter the drive marked for "Buses and Trucks Only."


  1. Students will be given a card, with their assigned number, to be displayed on the dash of the vehicle that will be picking them up.

  2. K4 & K5 students will be picked up in the Bus Loop area. Students in 1st - 5th Grades will be picked up in  the front of the school. Sibling groups that have a K4 or K5 student, will be picked up in the Bus Loop as well. 

  3. Students will be waiting in the designated pickup area for their car to enter the pickup zone. When their car number is called, students will move to one of the loading stations to enter their car with the assistance of a Safety Patrol and teacher supervisor.

  4. Students near the sidewalk will be loaded and released to leave the pickup zone. The next student in line will be loaded, and the procedure will be repeated until all have been picked up.

  5. Due to the concern for safety and the need for control, the traffic lane will be closed during the pickup time. No students will be picked up from this lane nor vehicles permitted to move in this lane.

  6. Parents are not to walk up to get students from the dismissal area. Please remain in cars.

  7. Students not picked up by 3:00 p.m. will be taken to the Homework Center, which is located in the cafeteria. Parents will need to pick up students at the cafeteria and a $4.00 fee will be charged.


Students who walk to school should be instructed by their parents as to which route to take to ensure the greatest safety.

School Bus Riders

Bus transportation to and from school is provided by the state for all children who live more than 1.5 miles from the school. Parents must make transportation arrangements for children who live less that 1.5 miles from school.

The driver of the school bus is in full charge of the pupils and the bus. This relationship with pupils will be the same as that expected of a teacher. The right of all pupils to ride on the bus is dependent upon on their good behavior and observance of the rules and regulations.


  1. Each of the school buses transports more than 50 students. In order for safety and adequate transportation to be maintained, all students must adhere to discipline and rules. The rules are:

  2. Be on time. Wait on the bus; it will not wait on you. Stay in the bus stop area. Do not go out into the road or throw objects. Bus stop area subject to discipline.

  3. Board the bus in an orderly manner and be seated immediately.

  4. Remain seated at all times while the bus is moving. Do not change seats unless directed to do so by the driver.

  5. Keep all materials (pencils, scissors, etc) closed inside your backpack.

  6. Do not throw or toss any object.

  7. Keep arms, hands and other parts of the body inside bus.

  8. Students must conduct themselves at all times in an orderly manner and

  9. should be respectful of others.

  10. Students must at all times be respectful and obey the directives of the bus driver.

  11. Toys, radios and cell phones are not allowed on the bus. The driver may confiscate any item that causes a disturbance or poses a safety problem. Parents may pick up the items in the school office.

  12. Loud talking or noise, either by an individual or within a group, is considered disorderly when the bus driver requests the student(s) to keep the noise level down.

  13. Fighting and/or horseplay are strictly prohibited, and disciplinary action will be taken.